Working with an interdisciplinary team, I am spearheading a multi-project initiative to improve public understanding and change attitudes about serious mental health conditions.

Projects include:

  • Frameworks Institute collaboration: I am developing a project with the FrameWorks Institute and other organizations to test public assumptions about mental health conditions and design messaging that moves beyond stigma to increase public support.  The first phase of the project will gather and disseminate a set of tips for educational and advocacy organizations, based on existing research, disseminating them broadly via interactive web site and materials.
  • The 99 Faces Project: Together with Bruce M. Cohen, MD, PhD, I consulted on the creation of 99 Faces, a special exhibit developed by Lynda Cutrell  for the Boston Museum of Science.  The exhibit is a collection of art work featuring photographic portraits of people with diagnoses on the schizophrenia and bipolar spectrums, together with their loved ones, combating negative stereotypes. After a highly successful 8-month run at the Boston Museum, the collection is now touring universities and other organizations, combining art and science to convey important messages about mental health conditions, such as how common they are across all groups, how present the symptoms are in all of us, and how much they affect us physically—the whole body, not just the brain.

You can find a short list of existing resources for understanding serious mental health conditions here.

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